HPR’s mission is to help restore the Pine River and its tributaries to a healthy state.

Health Pine River was formed in 2015 in response to the noticeable degradation of the Pine River and its tributaries. This organization exists to restore the Pine River and its Tributaries in the spirit of collaboration and community. Healthy Pine River is a 501c (3) not-for-profit organization made up of concerned community members, researchers, and volunteers to restore the Pine River to its former health and stand by tackling pollution issues that directly impact the quality and safety of the river and its tributaries. This organization primarily serves Gratiot County but ideally serves all people in contact with the Pine River.  

Healthy Pine River seeks to understand its condition through annual water testing and research as we identify and act on strategies that will help improve its health. Through researching the ongoing degradation of the impoundment waters in Alma and St. Louis, HPR seeks to understand community sentiments regarding the impoundments, and advocate for viable solutions. Healthy Pine River is conducting an ongoing outreach program that informs and educates our residents and communities regarding the issues facing the Pine River and the Upper Pine River Watershed and continue to promote accepted septic practices with our residents and rural communities along and near the Pine River. We also seek to work collaboratively with the farm community and farm support agencies to reduce the impact of nutrients and manure on our rivers and tributaries. To also create a coalition between Healthy Pine River, Alma College, and Tritera committed to understanding and improving the health of the Pine River.   

Our Healthy Pine River group works tirelessly to improve and protect the Pine River in central Michigan.

We bring together local residents, government officials, health officials, farmers and other parties interested in restoring the Pine River’s natural waterway and its tributaries.

The board has periodic work sessions, and the board and general membership meet monthly on the second Thursday of each month at the Alma Public Library at 7:00 P.M.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 993 Alma, MI 48801 USA