In the October issue of the St. Louis city newsletter, Mayor Jim Kelly reminisced about a clean Pine River and urged city residents to join our Healthy Pine River organization. We appreciate the shout-out and the recognition of our mission to clean up the river so we can all once again enjoy this important natural resource.
Did we see you at our Alma Alive booth September 11? What a great community event. If we saw you, thanks for stopping by!
BIG THANKS to Alma Brewing Company for partnering with us to develop Mighty Pine Ale, named for our beloved river. Alma Brewing launched the special brew September 11 during Alma…
Find us from 4 to 8 p.m. on Superior Street in Alma during this all-day block party September 11.

Big thanks to these fantastic Alma College students, recent grad and Alma resident for their work for our Healthy Pine River group this summer. They tested water, analyzed data and worked on special communications projects.
Those of us who were able to work directly with these bright souls were inspired by their dedication to helping the Pine River.
Michigan’s toxic 1973 PBB food contamination associated with more health effects
A clean and healthy Pine River is in our future
Data shows E. Coli impact on fishermen at Pine River


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